What do we need to do to get legally married in Hawaii?2019-12-18T09:31:50-10:00

The only requirement is obtaining a Hawaii marriage license. There are no residency or citizenship requirements. The legal age to marry in Hawaii is 18 years. Proof of age is required in the form of ID. Once you get your license, you have 30 days to get married. We will provide you with a list of locations where you can obtain your marriage license. The license is valid for any of the Hawaiian islands. You don’t need witnesses or blood tests and there is no waiting period. This means you can get married the same day you arrive in Hawaii.

Some countries require that you obtain an apostille to officially accept the legality of your marriage. We are experienced in the apostille process and will help you obtain the apostille here in Hawaii. Sounds complicated? Don’t worry we will walk you through every step of the process!

When is the best time to come to Hawaii?2019-12-18T09:32:23-10:00

We think anytime is a good time to visit Hawaii as we have amazing weather year-round. The average temperature is 75 to 85 degrees, year-round. This means that, as far as weather is concerned, Hawaii destination weddings are a great idea at any time of year.

How many days before our wedding do you recommend we arrive in Hawaii?2019-12-18T09:32:56-10:00

We recommend at least two days prior to your ceremony. You’ll want some time to pick up your marriage license and make sure you’re well-rested. Please keep in mind that arriving two days prior is not a requirement. Many couples arrive the day before and even the day of their wedding.

What’s the best place to get married in Hawaii?2019-12-18T09:33:23-10:00

We do offer weddings and vow renewals on pretty much any of Hawaii’s beautiful beaches. We are based on the Island of Oahu, but we are happy to travel to anoth-er island if requested. Just let us know where you will be staying and we will be happy to provide you with our recommendations.

What time is best for my Hawaii wedding?2019-12-18T09:34:18-10:00

When considering a public beach for your Hawaii wedding ceremony, try to choose a weekday as opposed to a weekend as there are fewer people using the beaches during the week.

All photos on our website are taken at sunset because this is the optimal time for lighting. It will be a little cooler & more comfortable for you and your guests as well. We can definitely accommodate a mid-day or afternoon wedding, but it is not recommended for the best possible outcome for photography.

What should we wear to the ceremony?2019-12-18T09:34:44-10:00

Basically, whatever you want. We’ve seen everything from swimwear to tuxedos. This is your day, so do it how you like. Our only recommendation is to think carefully about your shoes. High heels are not practical on the sand and rocks, so flats are usually the better choice. But bring them anyway and we will make sure to get them in the photos somehow!

Can we have chairs or an arch on the beach for our wedding?2019-12-18T09:35:44-10:00

All beaches in Hawaii are considered public property and chairs, arches or any other thing that could obstruct the use of other people using the beach is not permitted. Since the state does not allow us to erect any standing structures such as arch-es on the beach, a flower circle is a perfect option to add a special touch to your beach ceremony. Flower circles have no beginning and have no end and represent love, romance, family and they are the outer ring that enhances the importance of a wedding ceremony or a vow renewal. If your dream is to have a ceremony set-up, chairs, arch, etc. our best advice is to book a private estate for your ceremony and have it on their lawn.

What happens if it rains?2019-12-18T09:36:19-10:00

We do have 11 climate zones in Hawaii and you will easily see that there is rain in the forecast for any of our islands. If you plan to have the ceremony taken place on the north shores you have to be prepared that it might be overcast or even raining. However, most beaches are located in the dry zones with very little or no rain. In the event we have localized rain showers, we will attempt to move your ceremony to a nearby beach where it is not raining. If the rain is island-wide, we will proceed as planned with umbrellas. It is almost impossible to reschedule a wedding because of the availability of our team and client’s travel schedules, so we do not reschedule a wedding unless the conditions are too dangerous.

Are you LGBTQ friendly and do you perform same-sex ceremonies?2019-12-18T09:36:57-10:00

Without a doubt—yes!

Do you offer paperwork weddings only?2019-12-18T09:37:46-10:00

For couples who desire marriage without a personalized wedding ceremony, we offer the “quick & simple” service, sometimes known as a “paperwork only” wedding. These are short mini-ceremonies that are just long enough to be meaningful, yet brief enough to qualify for a “quick” in and out if necessary. Just vows, rings (if desired), signing and prompt filing of your marriage license. No personal assistance, wedding/travel planning, meeting or (video) calls in advance.


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